Double-click the downloaded file and then follow the instructions to install the driver or software. Reply to the post with updated status of the issue to assist you further. Support Forum Join the conversation! When I install simplepass and try to enroll, it keeps looping trying to enroll. If a biometric option does not exist in your BIOS, then the fingerprint reader is always enabled.

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This post has different steps and an additional driver. Let’s try few steps to resolve this issue.

Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver and HP SimplePass for Windows 8 and Windows 7

Thanks however the simplepass software is no longer available from the links above — found in sp available http: No matter how often I installed hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 again and again and no matter if 86 or 64 bit version.

This allows other hardware and software to support the fingerprint reader. Remove the fingerprint and then you can set up HP SimplePass.

The integration of fingerprint readers in mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones is designed to increase the data security and prevent other users from accessing restricted resources. How does HP hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 software and gather data? Logon accounts contain user’s names and passwords for secure applications and web sites that you register with the access manager. I went to the control panel, programs, programs readerr features.

Press F10 to save this setting and restart the computer.

HP SimplePass saves your changes. Hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 in all, if you want to save the time required to enter your user and password, HP SimplePass is the right tool for the job.

Under System Configurationlook hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 a Biometric Device option; if it exists, teader it. And When I try to windoas manually it says my drivers are the latest but it shows version 2. If you want to remove the HP SimplePass icon from the taskbar on the desktop, right-click the HP SimplePass icon on the taskbar, and then select unpin this program from taskbar from the drop-down list.

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Identify the version of the fingerprint reader device driver currently installed. Please try again shortly. Page maintained by Fernando Ortega.

How to get Validity fingerprint sensor working on Windows 8 Archives – Stanley’s Secret Sauce

Use the table below to determine which access manager software was available at the time the computer was purchased. I disabled auto hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 from gpedit. Thank you so much HoustonVicky your info was right on! Successful enrolled fingerprint change. Clean the fingerprint reader periodically to ensure optimum performance. Logging on to readeer HP SimplePass registered website account. Opening the Accounts Page.

HP SimplePass – Download

Registering a website hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 also securely stores the website name, web address, username, password, and other applicable information associated with the website account in HP SimplePass. Make sure you choose a Secret question and Answer that only you know so that no one else can log on to your account. Follow directions starting from 3 exactly, but of course uninstall the original software first and restart Windows as he says earlier on.

Make any changes to the username and password, and then click Save. Check this option to use HP SimplePass to remember websites and automatically fill in the credentials. HP SimplePass is a useful tool windowz allows you to access websites and enter passwords by taking advantage of the biometric devices hp fingerprint reader windows 8.1 to your computer.

If the BIOS available on the web site is a later version, download and install it. Please try again shortly. Many greetings from Switzerland near Bern! New in HP SimplePass 6.