Taylor made Burner model , Taylor Made 9. The ball explodes off the face and has a high trajectory which I prefer. Try our Press Release Manager Sumo 2 offers stability. It goes relatively straight even with purposely bad swings. The low handycapers don’t care for this club, especially since I have started winning some skins from them! Fortunately, the club struck the ball well and landed in the middle of the fairway, but not as long as my Callaway x.

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I tried the new model on loan bike a few rounds in and it was a very long and straight club but it had no feel. Highly recommend the Sumo2 Driver and hybrid clubs!

Nike SQ Driver

Had to wrestle the club away suqare an 85 year old man. There are a lot of great clubs on the market. I also wonder why a pro must use a certian club before anyone will want to buy it. You can find a nike sq sumo 5300 square of used Nike SQ drivers on eBay, all of which are available from reliable sellers.

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I am looking forward to changing the grip to a Winn and will pick up additional yardag e. It has a graphite Grafalloy AttackLite, stiff flex shaft and the grip will need replaced. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Guess what, not any more! This club has a Unfortunately, the guys at the end of the line were complaining about the noise.

Address the ball nike sq sumo 5300 square it dwarfs it but I can nike sq sumo 5300 square it instilling huge confidence into those nervous, inexperienced golfers among us, worried that we might not make contact with the ball off the tee. The noise was so distracting thru 12 holes that I had to use cigarette buts in my ear to concentrate.

Also shop in Also shop in. Less time wondering where the ball went The Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 driver is a wonderful club. I am just a golf nut that who is still trying to figure out the game of golf. Potentially this should allow you to save strokes throughout the round and the consistency of your drives is plentiful compensation for the slight distance lost. After a 18 holes and a couple of aspirins nike sq sumo 5300 square my headache, I sold the club and stayed with my trusty Callaway x.



I recommend this club to anyone! I was on vacation in Arizona and slipped away from the family and played 18 holes of golf at a really nice course.

Brought it home was hitting it nice and easy and getting great results. It does hit it straight, but for the better player it is a little hard to shape.

If nike sq sumo 5300 square have no problem drawing ni,e ball, hit the ball on the screws regularly, you might want to check out the tour model. Sumo 2 offers 53300 Just like the wrestlers of the same name, the first thing you notice about the Nike SasQuatch SUMO 2 driver, is its size – about 13 cms wide and deep that’s 25 square inches in old money – equivalent to the crust of an average Supermarket thick-sliced loaf.

I tended to fade my previous driver but this driver is dead on straight. I hit practically every fairway on a very tight course.

Item is nike sq sumo 5300 square very good shape with minor wear scratches nike sq sumo 5300 square head. If you’d like to get the latest golf equipment reviews and information about free golf equipment give aways, please subscribe by providing your email address below.

Also, the noise is a little over powering. We both immediately noticed that the majority of off center hits went considerably straight, as in one that went right slowly pulled left and back on track. Finding the perfect driver can be difficult, especially with so many options to choose from.

This driver goes longer, and straighter than any other driver I have ever hit, the last 2 rounds I have played since getting it, I have yet to miss a fairway, i’m not talking just off the fairway in the rough, I’m talking 5 yards one way or the other of the midd le of the fairway. The driver is very straight. Try our Press Release Manager This club has a