Do you or anyone else reading know if there is any way I can get the ride file off the watch without using the ANT dongle? December 27, at 2: No problem, USB 1. October 20, at 7: July 31, at 8: No cost to you, easy as pie! No problem, here’s the platform I use – you can too!

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Required fields are marked. July 20, at 4: I emailed support at Uab, and they are having me troubleshoot the kickr which seems to be getting nowhere. Garmin ant usb stick 2 the stick works fine with ant agent, antware II etc, and Golden Cheetah, it is not recognized by the Sport Tracks 3 Live Recording plugin or Virtual Runner Treadmill simulatorboth of which are fine with the original garmin stick or the movestick mini.

A much better USB ANT+ stick for your Garmin Forerunner…by Suunto

Anyone have problems with this not working? December 19, at 5: As Garmin Connect upload via iphone has not been workign for weeks and it shows to be very unreliable… Reply. Given the issues I have been having with stretching the cable to read cadence I would probably use this set up which I hope you can validate: January 16, at 7: I have garmin ant usb stick 2 question, i want to train with Zwift in my trainer.

July 28, at 4: I bought one of these recently, particularly garmin ant usb stick 2 your review was so good. Thanks, Arthur CHat Reply. February 11, at 8: September 19, at 5: September 24, at 5: If it looks like the drivers won’t install, the next step is to try another USB Port.

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Have you found a solution to the problem? Check out this post here for a bit more detail: I get the same errors in system.

Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

Hi, doest the Suunto Movestick Mini link to amazon. April 9, at 9: Should I plug in the stick first ajt download drivers and then install Garmin Express or install Garmin Express first? Read my Top 25 most useful posts.

It was a perfect answer to his question. December 29, at Is it just one? February 11, at Reinstalled it, works like a charm. Does your stick still garin OK with Garmin software?

December 20, at 4: You have two options. First up is the issue of simply losing the darn thing in my backpack or around the house.

Would be brilliant if so, ok then, thanks for garmin ant usb stick 2 replies, can appreciate you must deal with hundreds if not thousands. I gave it a shot Tim, but Windows keeps determining that the drivers are up to harmin. Well my computer illiteracy has managed to bomb out my Suunto mini.